Monday, December 19, 2011

Mark's Birthday Surprise

I didn't get a chance to blog at all last week!  This holiday season has gone by so quickly.  I feel we have been so busy and with holiday stuff on top of work, I have been so tired.  I must say though I've pretty much done all my holiday shopping and just have a few more things I have to wrap.  I actually completed all my shopping and didn't step foot inside a retail store.  Yay!  I did all online shopping this year--thank goodness for Amazon and free two day shipping.

I had been looking forward to last weekend for a few weeks.  Like so excited for it everytime I would think about it I would smile.  The reason I was so excited was because I was planning to surprise Mark for his 30th birthday by having one of his best friends visit from Wisconsin.  When I was in the planning stages, I really was skeptical that it would actually happen.  I know December is such a busy month for people, I didn't think TJ would have the time to forgo an entire weekend to come out to NJ.  I figured I would ask anyway and he actually said there was one weekend that he would be able to come!

Since TJ wasn't arriving until late Friday evening, I had to make up some excuse to get me out of the apartment without Mark getting too suspicious.  So I said that I had to have an emergency session with my patient, which seemed to work.  TJ's flight actually arrived early.  I had brought my camera to the airport with me so that I could capture Mark's reaction when he saw TJ, but my camera was on the wrong setting!  Boo!  So I got some blurry pictures of that.  

I Finally Put My Camera on the Right Setting

Even though TJ was only here for like 36 hours, we had an awesome time!  I know Mark really enjoyed hanging out with TJ--they are so cute!  And thanks to Michele for letting TJ come out here!

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