Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shoo Fly--There's A Better Life For You Out There

About a week ago, a house fly somehow got into our apartment.  I have no idea how he got in, maybe he snuck in under the front door.  I also assume this fly is a "he" for some reason and will refer to him as such.  So at first we were like, that's annoying.  When we first noticed him, Mark even ran around the apartment trying to kill it.  We weren't successful so we just didn't think much of it.  We figured he would die or escape in due time.

But he never left the apartment!  Day after day he would be buzzing around.  We would see him for a few seconds, then maybe not for a few hours, and then he would be back again.  He had been around so long we even named him Frankie the Fly.  I was even wondering if people would believe me if I told them we had a pet fly we got from the store.  Funny thing is we actually became sort of attached to him.  So now we were past the point of being able to kill him.

Anyway, on Sunday Mark felt that he was flying around slower and getting smaller and we were kind of sad because we thought he was slowly dying.  We even sacrificed by turning off the AC and opening the one window we have without a screen in it, hoping he would fly outside.  Mark even put a chocolate chip cookie with a blueberry on it to try to entice Frankie to the window.  How cute is that?!  He put that there while I was napping and I woke up confused as to why there's a cookie and a blueberry perched on the window.
Cookie and blueberry on the window--our "fly trap"

If we saw him around, we would try to shoo him out the window, but he would often fly the opposite way, and then we wouldn't see him again for a while.  I finally saw him buzzing around the kitchen table and got the idea that maybe we could trap him under a cup and then release him outside.  It didn't work though because he was still too fast.  Finally, he landed on a box of crackers I had sitting on the table.  I was able to GENTLY pick up the box and walk SLOWLY across our entire living room to let him out the window.  I was scared he would get startled and fly away, but he didn't.  We shut the window quickly and were SO relieved!  Goodbye Frankie....we hope you live a long life!

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