Friday, February 3, 2012

William Sonoma Chocolate Ebelskiver Pancake Mix

I did not make the food in this picture :)

Last year for Christmas (meaning Christmas 2010) Mark got me some goodies from William Sonoma.  I've had this Chocolate Ebelskiver Pancake mix for about a year now and it was quickly approaching its expiration date.  The main reason I hadn't used it yet is because I don't have an Ebelskiver pan, which looks like the picture above.  If you don't know what an Ebelskiver even is, I didn't either until I got this mix.  Apparently, they are like pancake balls with filling inside.  You can fill them with anything such as Nutella or jam or whatever else you think might be tasty.  But the only way to make an Ebelskiver is to have this type of pan.  

I debated getting one but it is too much trouble and I'm not sure I would get my money's worth from it.  Also, kitchen space is getting to be more valuable, so I don't think I want to take up valuable space with this pan I can only make two things I know of with (the other being a Thai dessert). 

So, with this dilemma, I decided I would just try to make regular pancakes with this mix.

I followed the recipe on the back of the canister, except I didn't bother to separate the eggs and whip up the whites as instructed.  I didn't think I would need to do that to make regular pancakes.  I whisked together all the wet ingredients (milk, 2 eggs, and melted butter) and then poured it into the dry mix.  I also added some fresh blueberries.

I cooked it up on my griddle pan and sprinkled some powdered sugar on them.  We ate them with some butter and maple syrup on top.  We loved them!  I think I ate three of them at breakfast and one later in the day as a snack. 

I made these pancakes just to use up this mix that I already had.  I'm not exactly sure if I would buy it again.  They were really good but I tend to think William Sonoma is a little overrated and definitely overpriced.  Mark said he would buy it again.  I would like to try to make Ebelskivers one day, when I have a bigger kitchen to store all the kitchen gadgets.  But I think I might wait until then to buy the mix again.

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