Monday, September 26, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

Mark and I have had a really fun month of September, which was preceded by a really fun summer where we got to hang out with friends in NYC, see some sporting events, concerts, and go on some weekend trips.  We have such a good time on weekends balancing going out with just chilling at home that I have been finding Mondays even more difficult.

To explain, I must digress to my favorite part of the weekend.  Mark usually wakes up early and I usually sleep until around 10 AM.  I am not an early bird, don't judge me.  I've always liked the phrase "the early bird gets the worm, but what does the early worm get?"  Eaten!  I will not be the early worm.  In any case, one of my favorite parts of the weekend is waking up and stumbling out to the couch in the living room where Mark is chilling and either watching TV or playing a video game.  I usually get comfortable on the couch and once I am more awake, we usually watch the show The Soup (on E!) together and maybe have some breakfast.  This has become our Saturday morning routine.  From there, the day varies depending on if we have plans for that weekend or not, but I just enjoy spending this time together.

On weekdays, Mark wakes up way before I do and leaves for work before I'm awake, or even contemplating an alert state.  On Mondays, I wake up and come out to the living room, and no one is's just quiet.  I mean, I'm not expecting anyone to be here, but part of me is always slightly disappointed and sad that the apartment is so quiet.  Makes me want to go back in time to the weekend.  I usually habituate to it as the week progresses, but it's just another reason Mondays stink.

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