Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We are going to LUUUUN-DOOOOON!

If I was talking to you in person, I would say this title in my best "Oprah announcement/giveaway voice."  Then I would join my hands with yours in a prolonged "double high-five" motion and shake them violently, also as Oprah does.  We bought our plane tickets onWednesday to go to London for a week in the Fall.  I'm so excited!  (Did you just think of Jessie Spano? I did). 

I've been browsing tickets for a while now, since mid-June-ish.  I'm still bummed because I could have bought them for $200/ticket cheaper, but I didn't.  So now we are spending more money.  Boo.  One website that I used to search for tickets was  Click on Travel.  You can search for airline tickets there and for some destinations (mostly domestic, but some international), they have a price predictor.  They happened to have a price predictor for traveling from Newark to London.  So when you search, it tells you the current fare, then it advises you to either wait or buy.  It tells you how confident they are, based on historical data, that the price will remain the same, increase, or decrease over the next 7 days.  I had been checking everyday for a few weeks and the price was staying the same and Bing's advice was to wait.  On Wednesday, the fare decreased by about $20 per person and it was the first time Bing said to buy.  So I went ahead and took their advice.  That was a long winded way of saying We are going to LUUUUUN-DOOOON!

A while ago I got tickets to tour Buckingham Palace, including going to see Kate Middleton's wedding dress on display.  Now I just have to remember to bring the tickets with me!  I just ordered two travel books on Amazon.  I wish I had the books already so I can read them in the midst of Irene's visit.  I really don't know all that much about London or England, so the books will be really useful.  Off the top of my head though, I want to go to Westminster Abbey, Harrod's, Stonehenge, and have afternoon tea.      

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