Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

We were engaged for about a year and a half before we got married so I had plenty of time for wedding planning.  I knew I wanted to grow my hair out in that year so that I would have more options for hairdos on the big day.  Shortly after our wedding, which was in May 2009, I cut my hair and donated it to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths hair donation program.  It wasn't a big deal since I was growing it out for the wedding, so being able to donate it was a nice byproduct of something I was already planning to do.

A little over a year ago, I made a conscious decision to grow out my hair again to donate it.  I think I was thinking it's a little longer than I want it anyway, I'm probably about a quarter or a third of the way to the minimum length requirement for donation, it's not that much of a sacrifice to make compared to someone going through cancer treatment, and if I had cancer, I'd hope that I could get a free wig due to someone's generous donation.  So I began another quest to grow out my hair.

And let me tell you, for the past few months, I have been annoyed by it.  It was a pretty hot summer here in Jersey and the air conditioner doesn't work in my car, making it really freakin' hot quite unpleasant.  I ended up wearing it in a ponytail just about everyday this summer mostly because it was so hot, but also I think it looks unkempt and overshadows my face when it's down.  Maybe I just don't have a good haircut but it always ends up looking messy when it's down or I literally have to brush it every 10 minutes.  Sort of a dilemma though because I don't think a ponytail is the most "professional" look for work, but oh well, I do it anyway.  Other drawbacks of long hair is that it takes forever to dry, it's always getting in the way, and I'm always shedding.

I was beginning to think that I just couldn't tolerate it anymore and though I made a good effort, I was going to have to cop out early and cut it.  Sorry cancer patients, maybe I'll be able to help in some other way.  I went to Pantene's website today to see what the minimum length requirement was.  I was thinking it was about 9 inches but couldn't remember exactly.  I found out today that the minimum requirement is 6 inches!  I just put my hair in a low ponytail and had Mark measure from the base of the rubberband to the tip of my hair and it is 9 inches!  W00t!  I think I might wait another month before I get it cut though, because last time when I cut my hair to donate it, it was the shortest it's ever been since the first grade.  Once they cut it at the base of the ponytail, you lose about an additional two inches when they actually cut and style your hair.  I'm OK waiting another month though because at least I know the end is in sight.  It might not be exactly ideal for me to cut my hair short (about shoulder length) with winter impending, but I'm going to do it anyway.

You might of heard of another, I think more popular, hair donation program called Locks of Love.  I think they are a good organization too, but they require a 10 inch minimum as opposed to 6 inches for Pantene.  So if you are willing to dedicate a year or two to growing out your hair for donation, I think these are really good organizations.  As for myself, donating two times is enough for me...for now.  I can't say that I would do it again anytime soon, but I'll probably do it again sometime in my life.             

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