Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Visiting West Point

This past weekend, we went to West Point for the first time to see a football game: Northwestern v. Army.  West Point is only about an hour from where we live, so it was a nice day trip.

The weather was gorgeous...fall just came to NJ last Thursday night and we are enjoying it!  West Point is a beautiful campus, set on the Hudson River and the football game definitely had a different vibe to it.

Don't Usually See These at Football Games

One cool tradition that at the start of the game, they have is people jump out of a helicopter and parachute down onto the field. 
Parachuters way up in the sky

Unfortunately, Northwestern ended up losing the game, which was kind of embarrassing as they should have won.  I'm still glad we went was a great way to spend a Saturday with some friends and football!

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