Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another NYC weekend--Day 1

When my dad and brother were visiting, we went into NYC on Friday and Saturday.  On Friday, Mark had to work, so we took the train into the City.  We stopped and had lunch in Chinatown and then we went to see Ground Zero and the Freedom Towers.  I thought we could go to the new memorial they have there but it turns out you need to reserve tickets online in advance!  You can't buy the tickets there.  So that was a disappointment. 

From Ground Zero, we went to Rockefeller Center.  They just put up that tree that day (without lights or anything) so I was glad they were able to see it.  Good timing!  We also went into the Lego store that was just off the plaza.  Inside, they had a Lego display of Rockefeller center--it was pretty neat. 

After Rockefeller Center we went to Times Square, walked around for a little bit, then went into the Hard Rock Cafe for a drink and a small bite to eat.

It was a long day!  We finally made it back to Lyndhurst at about 7:30 PM and then Mark joined us for sushi at a restaurant not far from where we live.

All in all, we saw a lot of things and it was a good day!

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